LUKE: Part 3 of 3

  • $14.99

Summary: Okay, now things are getting serious. Luke is running out of chances to avoid the Final Slop Drop. He begins by competing in the Tighty Whities Rodeo. This is a game he himself called "humiliatingly fun." Watch as he slips and slides, writhes and falls, trying to get gunge covered underwear on and keep himself on our "bull." Then, he takes the first ever trip to Camp Slopalottaguys. It's kinda like Salute Your Shorts — but instead, he's getting slopped in his shorts including an epic human s'more. But, of course, what we really want to know is did Luke impress the judges? It doesn't seem so and Luke ends up in the Dude Dungeon in an orange striped jock strap. He is frosted, dumped with slop, gunge and a chocolate cream pie from above. Total Runtime: 14:39.

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