The Basics

SLOP: Our proprietary blend of messy ingredients. Chunky and usually blue. 

GUNGE: Any one of a variety of UK-style messy substances. Sometimes translucent. Always smooth and colorful.

PIE: Messiness served on a plate. Usually involving cream and most often applied to the face.

Advanced Concepts

SLOP DROPPER: The centerpiece of SlopTV. Delivers around five gallons of virtually any substance you can imagine.

SLOPPED AT THE STAKE: The most devious device we can muster. Contestants are shackled to it so they can't avoid a drop of the slop.

PIE PATROL: A long-standing stunt in which constants must move pies sitting in them, walking to a receptacle and shimmying them off — all without using their hands.

UNLUCKY LOUNGER: Sit back, relax and answer trivia questions. Wrong answers mean slop, water or gunge is flying your way. In the end, a full load of mess is coming from above.

UNDER THE BAR: Crawl under it on the way to bob for items, usually related to the mess that's heading your way.