ACE: Part 2 of 3

  • $14.99

Summary: It's time to for Ace to get down to business and see if he can earn his way out of a trip to the Final Slop Drop. He begins by subjecting himself to the Pie Catapult which expertly launched chocolate cream pies right at his face. The Pie Catapult can be pretty intimidating — and if Ace flinches, he's getting dump with 10 gallons of pink gunge! Next up, Ace pulls on a pair of oversized sweatpants and catches plastic balls in them. When he's done, he's dumped with a heavy load of baked beans! Finally, Ace settles in to play a game of Bop-it or Slop-It. This game of quick reflexes quickly turns into a mess as Ace gets pies in the face and blue slime. Run Time: 10:30.

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